The first of January seemingly possesses the power to motivate us to dream again, formulate new goals, and take up new tasks. Our journey during the previous three hundred and sixty-five days probably had its share of pleasant, successful, dismal, and disappointing moments. Therefore, many receive the beginning of a new year with great hope and optimism as it represents a fresh start from a challenging one. Surely, we eagerly await beginning anew and living a prosperous year.

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions express our resolve and determination to complete actions that will improve our lives. These are decisions based on either past experiences, personal development, or wants and desires. Yet, we often struggle with carrying them through until the end of the year. We wonder whether it is because our commitment fades over time, our perseverance and strength deplete, or our new resolutions are too ambitious. However, we could be overlooking other crucial factors that are hidden in a parable shared by Jesus of Nazareth.  

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