How This Site Was Born…

Catholicism FELT is a result of years of prayer, discernment, study, and ministering, which in turn serve to inform the content presented here. Catholicism FELT endeavors to examine the relationships between Catholicism and faith, evangelization, life, and theology. This site hopes to share insights and experiences that relate to the invitation to be faithful, well-informed Catholics. It seeks to make sense of what we believe and sense of the challenges we experience daily as we attempt to follow Christ. For this, we turn to 4 important words for us as Catholics…



Catholicism FELT
Catholicism FELT

…is discussed here in a twofold manner: faith with a capital and lowercase letter “f.” Catholicism FELT examines the Faith of the Catholic Church, for she is the first to believe. This Catholic Faith consists of the teachings Christ entrusted to the Church to profess and to guard against all error by the power of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, it acknowledges the personal dimension of faith and the daily invitation God extends to us to personally adhere to Him. This involves trusting and confiding in Christ, regardless of what is happening in our lives and in our world today. This faith ultimately proceeds from the Faith of the Church. 



…is also an important theme of Catholicism FELT. How do we transmit the Faith today? What is happening within our parishes? How effective are our children and adult religious education programs? How can we proclaim the complete Gospel message that Christ entrusted to His Church to those that left her? To those that misunderstand her? Or to those that even despise her? These and other questions need to be a regular part of our discussions as we consider the topic of evangelization.

In addition, I strongly examine the role of preaching today. This is a crucial topic on an ecclesial and personal level. Certainly, the Church as a whole needs to improve her preaching. My preaching ministry of twenty years, and my thesis on this subject, continually remind me of this undeniable truth. In truth, we must humbly recognize that we preachers all have much room for improvement for the glory of God and the salvation of His people. The Word of God that we proclaim must transform the lives of our listeners.



…on earth is certainly a drudgery (Job 7:1), and can be even more laborious for the Catholic striving to live his or her Faith fully. Living as a Catholic today is an unpopular thing to do in many places and situations. Nevertheless, if Catholics are going to please the Lord and do His will, they must be courageous. They’ll need to consistently and emphatically oppose the ever-growing anti-Christian values and ideologies that are threatening the salvation of humanity. Additionally, they must also be actively countercultural by proclaiming and defending the Church’s teachings with courage, mercy, and faith. Indeed, the overall struggles of life are real, and can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore, this site seeks to encourage and strengthen Catholics in their faith journey. In reality, this requires making sense of the Faith and our lives.



…can be seen as a compound word containing the words theos and logos. Theos is the Greek word for “God,” and logos means “word,” or “discourse.” If we put these two words together, we can think of theology as expressions about God or God’s things.

In addition, a Benedictine monk and archbishop of the 11th century known as Saint Anselm of Cantebury defined it as “faith seeking understanding.” Therefore, theology attempts to perceive the meaning of the Body of Belief that Christ entrusted to the Church by exploring and reflecting on it—not without the gift of reason—and strives to express its content to the members of Christ’s body in a manner in which they can understand better what they believe.


Catholicism FELT

Catholicism FELT faithfully submits to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and earnestly attempts to be docile to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and guidance. Hence, this ministerial work is entrusted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. She submitted generously and wholeheartedly to our heavenly Father’s will; lived a life full of grace; was appointed Mother of all God’s children by the Savior on the Cross, andenjoys the highest honor of all creatures in heaven.  May she continue to intercede for us before Christ our Lord, so that we may glorify and please God, and be worthy of eternal salvation. And may we praise and adore Jesus Christ forever. Amen.

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