Theology can be a complicated matter.

While a purpose of theology is to assist the ministry of the Church in making the Faith accessible to her members, some have experienced confusion at times, rather than greater understanding, because of how a belief or an article of faith was explained at a particular moment. Hence, some people are not attracted to or have little interest in theology.

This is unfortunate. Theology is a critical reflection on what the Church teaches that allows us to appreciate and comprehend better what we believe and why we believe it. Therefore, it is very profitable to consider and develop those qualities that facilitate an effective engagement in theology.

There is a fundamental question

that the English Dominican theologian Rev. Aidan Nichols raised in one of his books on theology. He asked, “What sort of person must I be in order to become a theologian?” (Aidan Nichols, The Shape of Catholic Theology, 13). This question invites those in theology to consider what qualities are required of them to engage in it. In other words, what makes a person a theologian? What personal or spiritual characteristics must this person possess to be one? These questions seem to indicate that to do theology there are certain preconditions that are essential…

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