Not too long ago, a Catholic lay minister named “John” (not his real name) approached me to discuss a concern he has with his parish’s lay evangelization ministry. In addition to their parish’s weekly prayer service of fifty participants, this ministry organizes and facilitates a quarterly Catholic Evangelization Congress for their deanery that gathers between three to five hundred people. Consequently, some lay ministers have given greater importance to the major quarterly religious services they organize for their deanery than to their parish’s weekly prayer service, going to tremendous lengths to bring renowned speakers that would draw the greatest number of participants. This is frustrating to John because these lay ministers have expressed minimal interest in discovering how to engage many of these participants more effectively. Unfortunately, a significant number of them do not attend the prayer services—and seldom attend the Sunday Mass as well—unless a popular Catholic (ordained) minister is participating. John wonders if the ministry is providing a disservice by ignoring this issue…

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            I cannot envision my life without God. Thanks to His grace and mercy, I said yes to the Lord’s request years ago to enter into a committed relationship with Him. He accompanies and upholds me as I experience the blisses and hardships of human life. Jesus Christ is the core of my existence, devotion, and day-to-day living. However, this was not always the case.

How Important Is This Relationship With God

            When I reflect on my past, I recall an era in which God was not as important to me as He is now. Nevertheless, I’m regularly humbled due to how insufficient my faith and love can occasionally be. Some would concur that growing closer to God is a lifelong process. Therefore, we will constantly struggle against temptation, vice, and sin as we seek to grow in holiness. If we are honest, the majority of us can relate to this experience. Do we not all struggle with the calling to live entirely for God and His glory?    

            As I meditate on the Word of God these days, a variety of questions arise that I want to share with you. When was the last time I sincerely assessed how much I value my spiritual life? How important is my relationship with God compared to my other relationships? Does the Lord truly take precedence in my life over the material objects I possess? Do I wholeheartedly proclaim the greatness of the Lord and rejoice in God my savior? (Lk 1:46-47)

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